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  • I became part of the Kaymor team in 2003. I was hired as the receptionist; and quickly became part of the family orientated company. Kaymor has allowed me the flexibility I needed as my family grew, and the opportunity to grow myself. I spent 8 years in this position; I then took on the purchasing position and expanded my knowledge with in the company. I am currently the bookkeeper, and enjoy this position very much. I have always felt valued and appreciated for my contribution to the company and this is the reason the last 10 years have been great for me.

    The staff and management here at Kaymor strive to be the supplier of choice; we work together as a team to achieve this. The employees are recognized and rewarded for the dedication they give to their positions, this is but one of the many reasons I believe Kaymor is the employer of choice.

    Marisa Leach, Kaymor
  • I came to work for Kaymor Machining and Welding in April of 2010. During my time here I started as the bookkeeper and I am currently employed as the Human Resources Director. Kaymor has been a great career choice for me as they allow me to follow my passion for H.R. Coming from a company where you’re just an employee, it’s truly a nice feeling to be part of such a strong family oriented team. Kaymor strives every day to be the number one employer. Every decision that is made the employee’s thoughts and concerns are considered. Kaymor is always looking for ways to improve the work/life balance for employees.

    The work/life balance at Kaymor is always considered by the owners and management. Both my daughters are highly competitive dancers. Kaymor supports them with donations for travel, which takes them around the world, as well as, time off for me. Without this support and caring, by Robert, this would not be possible.

    Anne, Kaymor
  • I am a 37 year old father who likes to spend time with family and friends. When I found Kaymor had a clean, safe atmosphere and a commitment to quality work, I knew that I found a place to start a good career. With a knowledgeable staff, dedicated to customer satisfaction and an owner that believes in education, Kaymor is the best machining and welding shop in Alberta. With a fast and efficient work ethic, Kaymor’s team is working to get to the top of this industry, one person at a time.

    Kaymor’s schedule allows me to take care of appointments and family needs without missing a minute of work. The extremely friendly staff makes it easy for me to show up every day with a smile on my face.

    Scott, Kaymor

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